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Knowledge about health: Erectile dysfunction

Kegel muscles in men – how to strengthen the muscles and erection? The condition of the Kegel muscles has an enormous influence on the sexual performance of not only a woman, but also a man. Men, however, are rarely aware of the fact that weaker erection may be associated with weaker Kegel muscles. There are simple Kegel exercises to strengthen erection, control ejaculation, and experience more intensive orgasms. Added: 21/03/2019 Update: 19/01/2022 Ginseng for potency – action, effectiveness Ginseng contains substances called ginsenosides, which have similar effects to drugs used for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Ginseng preparations boost the synthesis of nitric oxide, which is necessary for the erection process. Therefore, the plant, which has been well-known for centuries, is considered one of the most effective aphrodisiacs, known to work for both sexes. Added: 21/03/2019 Update: 19/01/2022 Problems with erection – what causes erectile dysfunction? There is no single cause of problems with erection. Erectile dysfunction (ED) may affect men at many stages of their life and be associated with different circumstances. Sometimes, potency problems stem from overwork, conflicts in the relationship, or they may signal the onset of some serious diseases developing in the body. Therefore, you should never ignore even the first failures in the bedroom. Added: 21/03/2019 Update: 10/02/2021 Alcohol and potency – does alcohol affect erection? Excessive alcohol consumption may produce negative effects on a man’s sexual performance. It may delay or completely inhibit an erection. It also adversely affects libido and a man’s mental condition. Too much alcohol makes a man more vulnerable to stress, various types of fears, and depressive states, which are not conducive to an active sexual life. Added: 21/03/2019 Update: 21/03/2019 Diet for potency – what to eat to improve erection? A diet to boost men’s potency should consist of foods rich in vitamins, arginine, selenium, and zinc. Saturated fats, simple sugars, and salt, however, should be reduced to a minimum because they may cause various diseases leading to erectile dysfunction. Added: 21/03/2019 Update: 21/03/2019 Herbs for potency – which ones to choose?  Herbs for potency may prove useful in treating men who sometimes struggle with problems in their sexual life which do not result from serious systemic diseases. With the approval of a doctor, herbal potency tablets may supplement a traditional erectile dysfunction therapy. Added: 21/03/2019 Update: 21/03/2019 Homemade ways to improve potency – how to get harder erection? Diet change, giving up unhealthy habits, regular physical exercise, Kegel exercise, rest – there are numerous homemade ways to improve potency. You will find them very helpful if you use them on a daily basis. Added: 21/03/2019 Update: 21/03/2019 Impotence – treatment, causes, and symptoms of male impotence Impotence may develop at every age and even ruin a relationship. It is generally attributable to unhealthy lifestyle and some diseases. Regardless of its causes, it is always worth telling your doctor about erectile dysfunction (ED). Impotence is not irreversible. Added: 21/03/2019 Update: 21/03/2019