Happy doctor is waiting to contact you by the phone

Telephone consultation with a family doctor (begin a treatment or renew your prescription)

Type of consultation:

How does the phone consultation work?

Step one You fill the short medical form and pay for your consultation service.
Step one Our doctor will call you within 1 hour (doctors are available from 8 am to 8 pm*).
Step one You'll receive medical recommendations and/or prescription via e-mail and SMS.
Consultations paid after the working hours (8 am - 8 pm) will be handled the next business day.

Consultation details

During the phone consultation with your doctor

- you'll get medical advice,
- you'll get fast prescription for given drug or for the continuation of yours treatment,
- you can also get sick leave if doctor will decide you should stay home and rest,
- if there're any doubts - doctor will give you referral for the additional examinations or will recommend personal contact with doctor in the stationary clinic.