Natural aphrodisiacs for men

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Champagne with strawberries, asparagus, oysters, and truffles – using natural aphrodisiacs, you can compose a delicious supper, which will end with a successful erotic adventure. Just let your imagination run wild and forget about the fact that scientists have failed to prove the effectiveness of the most popular aphrodisiacs.

Natural aphrodisiacs are extremely popular among men wanting to strengthen their desire, although scientists have failed to prove the effectiveness of many popular aphrodisiacs and are sceptical towards their supposed properties.

However, potency problems are increasingly more common and men with low libido or erectile dysfunction (ED) are constantly seeking new ways to treat their disorders.

Potency problems may be caused by such factors as:

  • lack of exercise (but also intensive cycling, which exerts pressure on the crotch and disturbs erection),
  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • stress,
  • overwork,
  • overweight,
  • frequent and long hot baths,
  • high-fat and high-carb diet,
  • diet low in fresh vegetables and fruit,
  • heavy smoking,
  • marijuana use (leads to peripheral sensation disorders),
  • drinking strong alcoholic beverages,
  • environmental pollution with heavy metals.

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Aphrodisiacs affect sex hormones

Aphrodisiacs are predominantly the first step taken by a man struggling with libido disorders. Aphrodisiacs may include food products, animal-derived and plant-derived extracts, or fragrances that can strengthen the sexual drive.

How do natural aphrodisiacs work?

They mostly affect the production of sex hormones or take part in the dopaminergic conductivity.

In the past, the influence of aphrodisiacs on the male sexual drive was not scientifically analysed, as they were more associated with magic than natural medicine.  And it must be admitted that methods for improving potency used by our ancestors were quite shocking. It was common for a woman to prepare a fish for her lover which she had previously put into her vagina. The fish had to be alive and after it died in the vagina, the woman could cook it for her man to boost his libido. Love potions often contained resin, animal testicles, fruit, ground rhino horns, lizards, truffles, milk, honey, and nuts.

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Natural aphrodisiacs – source of minerals

Today, natural love food is associated with the richness of numerous minerals and vitamins that positively affect the sexual drive. It is no accident that seafoods rich in zinc, also known as an element of life, are considered aphrodisiacs. Zinc is necessary for the proper development of male reproductive organs, as it raises the testosterone level. Aphrodisiacs also very often contain phosphorus, which is necessary to feel desire and properly produce semen. Lecithin has also a positive influence on the quality of sperm, while magnesium facilitates the transmission of impulses in nerve cells. Aphrodisiacs are also rich in potassium, which strengthens the sexual drive. Some contain arginine, an amino acid boosting the supply of blood to the reproductive organs. Good influence on the sexual drive has also capsaicin (responsible for the hot taste of some foods), which stimulates the production of endorphins and faster blood circulation – including to the male reproductive organs.

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Aphrodisiacs – side effects

You read – natural, you think – harmless. You could not be more wrong, as even natural aphrodisiacs can induce adverse side effects. This is the case with, for example, ginseng, which, used too often, may lead to overdose, which manifested by:

  • insomnia,
  • hypertension,
  • nervous hyperactivity,
  • diarrhoea,

Cantharidin, considered an extremely strong aphrodisiac, commonly known as a “Spanish fly” (a substance secreted by blister beetle), may lead to the irritation of the intestine, stomach, and the urinary tract. It often leads to painful erections.

Another natural aphrodisiac, an extract from the bark and leaf of the Yohimbe tree, may cause adverse reactions in men with the circulatory system diseases, hypertension, and stomach ulcers.

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Aphrodisiacs for men – what to choose?

We put many popular aphrodisiacs on our tables, although we are unaware of the fact they may increase our desire for sex. Small amounts of red wine or champagne, coffee, cocoa, and milk drinks are considered strong aphrodisiacs.  Popular aphrodisiacs in our kitchen are spices and herbs, such as:

  • lovage,
  • chili peppers,
  • capers,
  • vanilla,
  • cayenne pepper,
  • cardamom,
  • ginger,
  • nutmeg,
  • savoury,
  • garlic,
  • cinnamon,
  • wild rue,
  • ginseng,
  • ginkgo,
  • damiana seeds,
  • convolvulus pluricaulis,
  • lotus flower.

A perfect lover should also have the following romantic foods as frequently as possible: asparagus, eggs, truffles, common morel, seafood, trout, sardines, beef (especially rare beef steaks), avocado, celeriac and ribbed celery, walnuts, and chocolate. Few people know that in Ancient Greece, a strong aphrodisiac was also carrot rich in vitamins C and E, and β-Carotene. 

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Lovage – aphrodisiac

Lovage – a popular herb which today is a good alternative for sodium glutamate – in Ancient Rome, it was a popular aphrodisiac. A love potion was made of this herb. Today, there are no scientific research that would support those properties; nevertheless, lovage contains large amounts of phytosterols, which have a positive influence on our organism – reducing the LDL cholesterol level.

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Oysters – aphrodisiac

It is said that Casanova – a lover of all time – ate 50 oysters every day. He could easily do that because, considering his place of residence, he had a constant access to seafoods rich in zinc and other minerals strengthening male vitality. Besides oysters, shrimps are also considered strong aphrodisiacs.

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Fruit aphrodisiacs

The cuisine of lovers cannot lack fruit, especially figs, apricots, and dates. It is often good to reach from time to time for a watermelon, as it improves blood circulation and increases desire for sex thanks to the content of citrulline. Pomegranates and mangoes also have stimulating effects, as they are rich in zinc.

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Strawberries – aphrodisiac

A special attention should be drawn to strawberries, particularly because this seasonal fruit is rich in folic acid and B-group vitamins – substances that not only boost male libido, but also improve the quality of semen.

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