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E-prescription express - consultation with prescription extension


E prescription - the most important information

  • Your e-prescription is valid for 30 days. Online prescription for antibiotics and drugs is valid for 7 days.
  • Dimedic Click & Collect - check how to order e-prescription drugs in a selected pharmacy, try our service and check what is a quick prescription online.
  • E prescription fulfillment - you need the code and PESEL number of the online prescription holder, which he received during the consultation, by SMS or e-mail.
  • How to recover the prescription e-code - check your IKP or contact the facility where the prescription was issued online.

Online prescription - what should you know?

  • What is an e-prescription?

    The prefix 'E' before the word prescription means that we are dealing with the electronic version of this document. This is a great convenience for patients who, in order to buy a prescription drug, had to physically present a paper document at a pharmacy. Now all you need is a short online consultation to receive an electronic prescription for the drugs you need.

    E prescription what it is and how to use it - if you have doubts or do not have an Internet Patient Account, you can ask the doctor's office to print the e-prescription in paper form. In this case, you will receive a document that will resemble prints that were used in the past.
  • How does the e-prescription work?

    Many people wonder how e-prescriptions work. The prescribing process is the same as for a traditional prescription. During the visit, the doctor provides telepaths or on the basis of an online form, prescribes the appropriate medications, but instead of providing the patient with a prescription in paper form, he gives him the appropriate code or sends it via the system in electronic form or via SMS. E prescription how it works - very simple as you can see!
  • How long I need to wait for e-prescription?

    Our doctor will call you and issue prescription shortly after the call.
  • How do I check my prescription?

    Many people, after visiting a doctor, forget exactly what medications were prescribed for him during the consultation. This is when the search for information on where to check your prescription begins. There are several possible ways to verify its content. First, all you need to do is log in to your IKP, where you have full access to the prescriptions issued. The second solution is a visit to a pharmacy, where, after entering the code and PESEL number, the pharmacist is obliged to state what the prescription is, what is on it and what is its fee. You can also contact the doctor or clinic where the document was issued. E-prescription how to check what's on it? It's easy now!
  • What does the e-prescription look like?

    What does the prescription look like? Many people ask themselves this question. The E prescription is divided into four sections. The first section, at the top, contains a barcode of several dozen digits. The pharmacist can scan it, and all the information from the prescription will be displayed on his computer immediately. Below the barcode on the left is the access code. How many digits does the e prescription have? Only four - you can write them down, remember, it doesn't matter, just give them at the counter at the pharmacy. They only work in tandem with the PESEL number for which the e-prescription was issued. To the right of the erecept code there is also the date of issue of the document. The second section contains the data of the patient and the issuing physician. Name, surname, doctor's details including the PWZ number (license to practice the profession). In the third section you will find the name of the drug, date of implementation, number of pieces, packages and dosage. To the right of the data of the prescribed drug, there is information on the method of reimbursement, if the drug is covered by a discount.
  • How long an e prescription is valid?

    Surely you have wondered more than once how long the e-prescription is valid. How important an e-prescription is, as in the case of its classic, paper version, depends on the type of medicine that was written on it and on the way it was issued by the doctor. E-prescription is valid for 30 days.

    How important an e prescription is depends primarily on the prescribed medication. The shortest lead time is with antibiotics. Here, the time to implement the erecept is only 7 days.

    The opposite is true in the case of preparations for immunity, so if you are wondering how important an e prescription is in the case of immunological drugs, it is up to 120 days.

    In the case of chronically ill patients, we are even talking about a period of almost a year. Such a time limit for completing the prescription allows you to buy, for example, a monthly dose of the drug every 30 days or its multiple more often, so that patients do not have to worry about how long the prescription is valid.
  • How to check the validity of an e-prescription?

    You ask yourself the question "e-prescription code how to check its number?" All you need to do is log in to the government website of the Internet Patient Account (IKP) to check how long a prescription is valid online. E prescription, we can often see also by going to the link that we received together with the SMS code. In this case, in addition to the prescription code, you can also check the date of issue, the name of the issuing doctor, the number of prescribed drugs and packages, as well as the dosage. Now you know how to check if an e-prescription is valid!
  • How to use a prescription?

    During a visit to a pharmacy, it is enough to provide the pharmacist with the e-prescription code received from the doctor, sent by text message or e-mail, and the PESEL number of the person for whom the drugs have been prescribed. E recipe realization - it couldn't be easier!
  • Who can use an e-prescription?

    Both in the case of a child and an adult, the realization of an e-prescription does not require a personal visit to the pharmacy. If you are wondering who can fulfill the e-acceptance on your behalf - anyone who will receive the prescription code and PESEL number from you. The child's prescription should additionally be available at your IKP.
  • How do I recover the e-prescription code?

    If you are wondering how to recover an e-prescription code, luckily there is nothing complicated about it. All you need to do is log in to IKP (Patient Internet Account) and check the details of the issued prescription. If, when issuing an e-prescription, a telephone number or e-mail was provided - it is enough to check the received text message or e-mail. An alternative will also be a phone call to the facility where the e-prescription was issued.
  • How many digits does the e-prescription code have?

    Before visiting the pharmacy, it is worth checking how many digits the erecept has and whether we wrote down its number correctly. Fortunately, it is not long. It is also worth remembering the PESEL number because only after providing these two data will it be possible to fulfill the e-prescription. If you do not know how an online prescription works, the pharmacist will surely guide you step by step through the process of its implementation during your visit to the pharmacy!