Diet for potency – what to eat to improve erection?

Added: 21-03-2019 | Update: 21-03-2019
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A diet to boost men’s potency should consist of foods rich in vitamins, arginine, selenium, and zinc. Saturated fats, simple sugars, and salt, however, should be reduced to a minimum because they may cause various diseases leading to erectile dysfunction.

Healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals is vital to maintain good health, attractive looks, and well-being. There are also specific nutrients which have uniquely favourable effects on male potency, increasing the sexual drive and intensifying erection. What substances and products should, then, be present in the diet for better erection?

What is the best sex power food?

Duration of erection is dependent on numerous factors, which include the testosterone level. When composing a diet for potency, it is worth including products conducive to the production of this hormone, which has a significant impact on the quality of an erection. This is achieved, for example, with zinc – a crucial element in the function of the male prostate. Zinc has some important benefits for men. It is even necessary for the testosterone synthesis and the sperm production. Zinc can be found in foods such as:

  • bran,

  • nuts,

  • wholegrain bread,

  • seafood.

Just as important as zinc is selenium – a strong anti-oxidant present in semen. By each ejaculation, its reservoir is depleting. Composing a diet for high potency, you should look for products rich in selenium:

  • pumpkin seeds,
  • fish,
  • brown rice,
  • lean meat, e.g. poultry.

If you want to ensure proper synthesis of sex hormones, remember about food rich in vitamin E, which additionally helps maintaining vitality, stamina and health in men thanks to its anti-oxidant properties.  Vitamin E is present in nuts, almonds, cereal, and fatty fish.

Good for potency are omega-3 fatty acids, which you can found in fat marine fish and unprocessed linseed oil, and complex carbohydrates present in wholegrain cereal products. Diet for better erection should also include cocoa and proteins. Substances they contain increase the blood flow to the penis, extending the duration of an erection. For example, a good solution is a dessert made from cocoa, nuts, and almonds. It may serve as a perfect prelude to a sexual experience. A great addition to a supper may be a glass of red wine, which relaxes and improves the blood circulation, which may be helpful in many situations.

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Food for better sex – aphrodisiacs

If you are planning a romantic supper or a diet and want to stimulate all the senses, choose dishes that boost sexual performance, increase the desire, and ensure a long sexual marathon. Zinc-rich seafood will be a great idea, especially oysters – considered one of the most effective aphrodisiacs. Shrimps and lobsters are also known to contain much zinc. As a wonderful erotic appetizer, you can choose selenium-rich asparagus with almonds, a rich source of vitamin E. 

Popular vegetables and fruit are also good for potency. The diet of a man who cares for the quality of his sexual life cannot lack in celery, asparagus, and carrot – vegetables rich in microelements. Pumpkin seeds, which contain a lot of vitamin E, garlic, and parsley are also a good idea.

Diet for better sex should also include fruit, especially grapes rich in flavonoids and pomegranates containing phytoestrogens.

Diet for erection – importance of arginine

If a man is a meat-lover, turkey or beef rich in arginine should be the key component of his diet for better erection. Arginine is necessary for the production of nitric oxide, which is critical for a proper erection. Arginine is also present in:

  • linseed,

  • wholegrain products,

  • sunflower and sesame seeds,

  • nuts,

  • mackerel.

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Diet for erection – products to avoid

Products generally considered unhealthy and low-quality products will have negative effects on male potency. Therefore, a diet for male potency should not contain the following components:

  • simple sugars (they lead to diabetes and erectile dysfunction),

  • salt (its excess may cause arterial hypertension and erectile dysfunction),

  • alcohol  (decreases sexual performance and testosterone level),

  • unhealthy trans fatty acids present in low-quality margarine, cream biscuits, layered cakes, and French fries (they increase bad cholesterol, contribute to diabetes, obesity, and erectile dysfunction).

A diet for better potency should not contain fast-food dishes, fatty meat, cold cuts, canned food, fatty dairy products, especially too much cheese.  Apart from unhealthy fat, large amounts of salt can be found in instant meals, instant soups, ready sauces, mayonnaise, and chips.

Which food is good for sex – spices

If a man likes intensive flavours and aromas, a good idea is to add spices that improve the blood supply to the reproductive parts and have a wonderful impact on potency, that is:

  • ginger,

  • curcuma,

  • nutmeg,

  • black mustard,

  • basil,

  • coriander,

  • cinnamon,

  • cardamom,

  • clove,

  • allspice,

  • vanilla,

  • anise,

  • kava kava,

  • black pepper.

Regular consumption of products good for male vitality has also long-term positive effects. Light diet rich in necessary minerals and nutrients will also contribute to the maintenance of good physical fitness, will support cancer prophylaxis, and strengthen the heart and the circulatory system, which will translate into a successful sexual life for many years.

A diet for better potency should be light. Avoid deep fried and highly processed foods, as well as white flour based dishes. Their consumption before a sexual encounter may lead to sleepiness and significant reduction of sexual performance.

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