Cystitis treatment

Cystitis is a common disease that mainly affects women. Nevertheless, it does not bypass men and children either. Cystitis and often coexisting urethritis, i.e. inflammation of the urinary tract, causes many unpleasant ailments that must be treated with antibiotics and chemotherapeutics. Supportive methods, such as supplements and sitz baths, can be helpful, but only an accurate medical diagnosis and prescription drugs will help to permanently get rid of the problem.

Cystitis symptoms

  • Pain when urinating
  • Unpleasant smell of urine
  • Urethral burning and constant straining
  • Frequent urination in small amounts

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Urinary tract infection - questions and answers

  • How to treat cystitis?

      To treat an infection or a cold bladder, it is usually enough to use an effective antibiotic for cystitis. Prescription cystitis tablets help to get rid of the problem within 7 days of starting treatment. Urinary tract inflammation is worth treating on the basis of an antibiogram, but you can simply use one of the recommended antibiotics for cystitis. How to treat cystitis? Always accompanied by a doctor!
  • What about cystitis?

      One of the most commonly used methods is an antibiotic for cystitis. When the urinary tract infection has not yet fully developed, one of the preparations containing Furagina and cranberry extracts can be used.
  • What are home remedies for cystitis?

      Having cystitis home treatment should be based on increasing hydration, which through increased excretion will be a way to flush the bacteria out of the urine. Home remedies for urinary tract inflammation include drinking cranberry juice and eating dried fruit. It is also worth checking what a sitzówka for cystitis is. Among the herbs, chamomile is ideal for cystitis.
  • What are the causes of cystitis?

      Cystitis can have many causes. Urinary tract infections are most often caused by E. coli bacteria that enter the bladder via the urethra from the anus during sexual intercourse. Inflammation can also be the result of a cold, weakening of the body. Cystitis after intercourse is one of the most common causes of this condition.
  • How long does cystitis last?

      A urinary tract infection usually lasts 5 to 10 days. The way to heal faster are antibiotics for the urinary tract. In the event of complications, it may be necessary to be treated in a hospital setting.
  • Is cystitis contagious?

      Yes. Symptoms of cystitis should be a reason for sexual abstinence, because this is the most common form of infection with cystitis.
  • How to distinguish cystitis from vaginitis?

      Vaginal infection is characterized by discharge, burning and itching. Chronic cystitis as well as one-time inflammations focus on the urethra and constant urge to urinate.
  • Cystitis, what are the consequences of not treating it?

      Urinary tract infections should be treated. If the right medication for cystitis is not used, dangerous complications such as pyelonephritis can occur.