We make telemedicine to take care of you

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Dimedic is an online clinic operating in the European Union.
We offer a wide range of telemedicine consultations that allow you to take care of the most important aspects of your health. We have been working for years to provide our patients with safe and reliable telemedicine solutions. We listen to our patients and develop according to their needs. Using modern technology, we provide easy and convenient access to high-quality healthcare.

We operate in accordance with the law and are strictly regulated by European and British law. In Poland, we cooperate with the Dimedic Polska Clinic, responsible for servicing patients interested in telemedicine.

Our approach

At Dimedic, we care about an empathetic and professional approach to the patient - we collect information, try to understand and help. We want each of our patients to be able to live healthy and enjoy life. We make sure that the relationship between the doctor and the patient is always honest and friendly, so that each consultation is stress-free and pleasant.

We follow not only a specialist approach, but also empathy and understanding of the patient's needs. We help in the long term, not once - your health is a series of changes and expectations that must always be considered comprehensively in order to get the best picture of your health.

At Dimedic, we believe that awareness and the need to take care of health should be developed and supported every day - that's why we not only want to help on an ad hoc basis, but also educate and stimulate a healthy lifestyle, promoting a positive approach to yourself and your health, so as to be able to overcome as much fear and ambiguity as possible related to consciously taking care of your health.

Service partners and regulators

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How does the Dimedic online clinic work?

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Step 1

Choose a consultation or medication, and then complete the medical consultation form.
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Step 2

The doctor will call you and examine you. If there are no contraindications, he will issue an e-prescription with recommendations.
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Step 3

You will receive an e-prescription and recommendations from us by e-mail and SMS.
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