In this section you will find the answers to the questions regarding the use of Dimedic.eu, our doctors, the manner of providing online consultations, available treatments and the procedures of home delivery of drugs most frequently asked by the users. If the information presented below turns out inefficient or does not fully respond to your doubts, please contact us by e-mail, phone or via the contact form. We will respond to each enquiry.

Your account

You only have to click “I forgot the password” in the log-in window and provide the e-mail address you used while registering. You will get an email with the tips on how to regain your password.
You can change any data provided in the process of registration or afterwards, during the consultation, by logging in to your Patient Panel and clicking “Change data” in “My data” tab.
Yes, you can. In order to do this, send us a message with a request to delete the account through your Patient Panel.
Dimedic does not provide your data to the national health information system and does not derive any information regarding yourself from that system either. If you, however, request it, Dimedic will prepare your medical documentation and deliver it directly to you or directly to your GP. You can select the option of sending the documents to a GP and complete the address box in the Patient Panel.

Orders and payments

Regardless of whether you use the offer of a consultation connected with buying a drug on your behalf or you only go for the consultation and prescription option, the order will be delivered to you through a courier service. If you are not present at the address specified when the courier arrives, the delivery will wait for you at the nearest post office.
You will pay £17 for a consultation. You should remember, however, that you will not be charged with any costs if the doctor, having analyzed your answers, refuses to prescribe you the drug. If you authorize us to fill your prescription on your behalf, the price of the drug which we pay at the pharmacy will be added to the consultation price. The cost of shipment always amounts to £3.
Payments can be made by bank transfer to our UK account. Remember to enter the order number in the transfer title (you can find it in the Patient Panel).
Like in the case of a traditional visit to a doctor, medical interview must be conducted every time the doctor is supposed to prescribe a drug. Therefore, you also have to answer all questions asked by our doctor, even if you order a drug which has already been prescribed to you.
After we ship your parcel, you will get a message from us including its number and the e-mail address where you can track it.
No, you can’t. After you have paid for an order, you cannot cancel it.
No, you can’t. The consultation form must be filled in by you in person or by a person of age whom the consultation regards. You cannot consult your family or friends, whether adults or not, through our service.
We pay great attention to the confidentiality of medical and personal data. We do not send the information regarding the health condition of our patients by e-mail, so that we guarantee a 100% control over its exchange. The correspondence regarding consultations which took place and medical recommendation is exchanged via the Individual Patient Panel. The user may request Dimedic employees to delete their account in our health center. Our IT team deletes the account upon such request. Personal data is covered by our confidentiality guarantee, which means that we do not share such data to any party for marketing purposes. We use it only to provide our services.


The prescription written by our doctor may be sent to any place in EU.


Dimedic phone number is +44 1914478751. Our staff is at your disposal Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Yes, you can. The dates of call duties of our doctors are provided in advance on the websites of our health center. If you are a Logged-In Patient, you can arrange a phone conversation with a doctor regarding the consultations conducted. It is enough for you to log in to your Patient Account and send us a message with a request for a phone call.
Yes, you do. The drugs prescribed by our doctor are prescriptions drugs.
When you decide to use Dimedic services, you decide to benefit from a medical consultation conducted by qualified doctors and pharmaceutical care provided by experience pharmacists. The price of a consultation does not include any hidden costs and the price of a drug is the same price you will pay in a pharmacy if you decide to fill the prescription yourself.
You will get a drug in original packaging sent from a pharmacy. The parcel includes also the cash register receipt from the pharmacy confirming that the drug comes from a legal source.
If you have been using a drug for some time now, our doctor will be able to write a prescription which will allow you to prolong the treatment. However, the prescription will be written after a detailed medical interview conducted via the consultation form.
Of course, it does. We are a health center registered in United Kingdom in Care Quality Commission – a body which supervises the activity of entities providing medical services. The EU Directive on cross-border medical care allows us to provide services in any member state, including Poland. The possibility of conducting medical examinations through telecomputer systems or connection systems and writing prescriptions following such examination has been introduced to the law of Poland (Article 42 Section 1 and Section 2 of the Act on the professions of a doctor and a dentist of 5 December 1996). At the same time, in December 2015 the Sejm (the lower chamber of the Polish Parliament) amended the act on the professions of a doctor and a dentist. As a result, providing telecomputer services is allowed in Poland.
n Dimedic we issue cross-border prescriptions, which can be filled in any pharmacy in the EU, including Poland. A cross-border prescription is a bit different from a prescription written by a doctor in Poland. It includes data required by the European Commission to ensure the proper recognition of the prescription in a different country. Such a prescription may be filed exclusively at full price – regardless of the rights the patient is granted in Poland. Together with the prescription, each Dimedic Patient receives a special letter including all information on the cross-border prescription.
Telemedicine is providing distance medical services with the use of modern technologies. Telemedicine combines elements of telecommunication, information technology and medicine. It is a relatively new form of providing medical services in Poland, even though in United Kingdom similar health centers have been operating for over 10 years. Thanks to telemedicine and modern technology we can offer medical services and access to experts when traditional access is hindered, e. g. when the doctor works in a place far away from our place of residence. At the same time, such a solution often allows lower costs compared to traditional medical care.
Patients’ safety is for Dimedic the most important aspect. Therefore, we do what we can to verify the grounds for writing a prescription from time to time. Online medical interviews are verified at several stages by a doctor and a pharmacist who are supported by a continuously improved IT system. If, at any stage, we have any doubts, we contact the Patient by phone or e-mail to disperse them. We also reserve the right to refuse to write a prescription if there is no need to do this. In such case we refund the total cost of the consultation. Obviously, a telemedical consultation will never replace a traditional visit to a doctor when the doctor can conduct the necessary examinations. Whether a patient can use our services depends on whether they are in possession of results of recent medical tests. Moreover, our system automatically reminds our patients of the necessity to undergo regular medical examination.
No, we are not an online pharmacy. Dimedic does not sell drugs. Dimedic is a telemedical health center which basic scope of activity is the service of a medical consultation resulting in a prescription. Our Patient, in the case a prescription is written, can authorize Dimedic to fill it in the pharmacy. In such case we fill the prescription in one of the renowned pharmacy chains.
Our team is there for you from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. In order to ensure the highest quality of service, the phone conversations are recorded.
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