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Premature ejaculation
from 82,99 zł
+ cost of medical consultation

Premature ejaculation – how to delay ejaculation and extend sexual intercourse

Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder affecting men, which frustrates both partners. Although there are many men dealing with this problem, few decide to start treatment. But it is worth it because treating premature ejaculation is amazingly effective and can be even pleasant. Besides, satisfaction after the treatment is guaranteed. 

An increasing number of men suffer from various sexual disorders, although do not talk about it. The main types of male sexual dysfunctions include:
  • Low libido, that is low sexual drive;
  • Erectile dysfunction, also referred to as potency problems;
  • Ejaculation disorders, including premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation or complete lack of ejaculation.
  • What is ejaculation?

    Ejaculation is a sudden discharge of semen from the penis through the vas deferens and urethra. Sperm is ejected from the organ as a result of sexual stimulation. Ejaculation in men is preceded by a contraction of the smooth muscles in the internal genitalia.

    Premature ejaculation

    Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction where an ejaculation occurs after minimum sexual stimulation, earlier than intended by a man, that is beyond his control. This leads to many negative feelings, stress, anxiety or frustration – both for a man and his partner. The disorder is quite common and may affect 1/3 of sexually active men. 

    Ejaculation can be:
  • too premature (it may occur at the beginning of sexual stimulation or even before it starts);
  • premature (just before sexual initiation or while inserting the penis to the vagina);
  • too early (it occurs short after beginning a sexual intercourse or too soon for the partner to become satisfied).
  • Premature ejaculation – causes

    Premature ejaculation may be caused by various factors. It may be affected by psychological, organic, as well as situational factors. 

    Very often, premature ejaculation affects young males, who are just starting to explore the sexual life. Lack of experience, stress related to the first sexual intercourse, and accumulated sexual pressure may lead to premature ejaculation. It is important that men address the problem when they are still young and not ignore premature ejaculation, seeing it only as a result of their young age and low experience. It matters because some mechanisms occurring at the beginning of sexual interactions may leave a lasting imprint on their psyche and establish a certain mode of action that may repeat itself in the future. There is a high probability that the man will later fear premature ejaculation and such a state of mind is conducive to faster sexual reaction. The fear starts to drive itself, creating a vicious circle. 

    Besides psychological background, sexual dysfunctions are association with the body function, diseases, or developmental defects. Premature ejaculation, just as other male sexual dysfunctions, may stem from addictions. In the first place, it is worth giving up stimulants, especially alcohol and narcotics. 

    Causes of premature ejaculation:

  • Accumulated sexual tension;
  • Excessive sexual arousal;
  • Oversensitivity to sexual stimuli;
  • A man’s lack of awareness that he has sexual dysfunctions and that the ejaculations are premature;
  • Long intervals between sexual intercourses;
  • Established neurotic reactions;
  • No successful or lasting relationship and sexual relations that could help to work on the ability to control ejaculation;
  • Hyperactive pudendal nerve;
  • Too weak contraction of urethral sphincters;
  • Glans penis hypersensitivity;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Urinary tract infection;
  • Spinal injury;
  • Psychological disorders;
  • anxiety, fear of sexual intercourse;
  • Stress;
  • Masturbatory patterns;
  • Neurological disorders;
  • Alcohol or narcotic dependency.
  • The best way to diagnose the causes of premature ejaculation precisely is to consult a doctor. In the first place, however, it is worth having an honest conversation with your partner in order to try to solve the problem together. It may turn out that a visit at the doctor’s will not be necessary.

    Premature ejaculation – treatment

    Treating premature ejaculation depends on a diagnosis made after accurately defining the causes. This may be a complex process requiring a doctor’s intervention, potency pills, or a psychotherapy, but it also may turn out that appropriate exercises will suffice. 

    Treating problems related to premature ejaculation is based on therapeutic methods and pharmacotherapy. Currently used therapeutic methods include psychotherapy mostly addressed to couples, behavioural therapies intended for single men who do not have a regular sexual partner, and using potency pills.

    Potency medication, pills to prolong sexual intercourse

    Using pills to delay ejaculation requires medical consultation. There is no cure-all, but if pharmacological therapy is necessary, then a specialist recommends appropriate medications. Apart from potency pills, which may help prolong a sexual intercourse, physicians sometimes prescribe antidepressants. The type of treatment is determined by a doctor, depending on individual patient needs. 

    Premature ejaculation medication should be taken on a case by case basis, work fast, and not ruin the spontaneity of sexual contacts, as well as be effective and safe. 

    Other than pharmacological methods of treating premature ejaculation are:
  • Intracavernous prostaglandin injection;
  • Erectile dysfunction medication;
  • Sphincter training using electrotherapy, physio-kinesiotherapy, and biofeedback;
  • Neurotomy;
  • Combined methods.
  • Apart from the above solutions to delay ejaculation, there are also less invasive and more friendly ways to deal with this dysfunction.

    How to delay ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse?

    Sexual arousal consists of four phases:
  • Arousal phase: accelerated breathing and erection;
  • Plateau phase: full erection and very strong arousal;
  • Subsequent phase: orgasm and ejaculation;
  • Last phase: erection fading, slower breathing.
  • The plateau phase is crucial for controlling ejaculation.  Many men suffering from the problem of premature ejaculation use various exercises and homemade methods to delay ejaculation. The techniques that may have a positive influence on prolonging a sexual intercourse include:
  • Masturbation before a sexual intercourse;
  • Drinking a small amount of alcohol before a sex act;
  • Shortening a foreplay;
  • Repeating a sexual intercourse short after the previous one;
  • Using condoms.
  • Some men use special desensitizing ointments which are designed to delay ejaculation. When using such agents, remember to put on a condom, otherwise your partner may get desensitized as well. 

    Effective methods to delay ejaculation are special exercises intended for men or performed together with a partner. Such exercises are often customized, but some methods may be treated quite universally. 

    The most important for a man is to learn self-control. Before sexual relations, you need to relax, take a warm bath, and remember that sex is not only penetration and it is worth trying out different sexual pleasures.
    1. Masturbation. Start alone. During masturbation, you need to change the frequency of sexual stimulation. When a man is approaching an orgasm, he should stop sexual stimulation and repeat the exercise until he takes the control over ejaculation. Subsequently, you can use a lubricant for masturbation. The last stage involves repeating the exercise with your partner.
    2. Pressure technique masturbation. When you stop sexual stimulation, squeeze the penis right below the glans penis with your fingers (index finger and thumb). This will cause a blood outflow and delay ejaculation.
    3. “Start–stop” technique relies on partners agreeing on specific signs that will start and stop sexual stimulation at appropriate times. When a man feels approaching ejaculation, he gives a “stop” signal, but when the moment is gone, he signalizes readiness to start sexual stimulation again – “start”.
    4. Frictional movement training – a sexual intercourse starts from 1 deep thrust and 9 shallow thrusts. Then, there are 2 deep thrusts and 8 shallow thrusts. This way, you need to increase the number of deep thrusts and decrease the shallow ones. Finally, you reach 10 deep frictional movements.
    There are also special techniques of exercises for premature ejaculation known as APE method (Anti Premature Ejaculation). These include specific massages, controlled mental images, or visualisations. One of the leading methods to delay ejaculation is increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse.

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