Homemade ways to improve potency – how to get harder erection?

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Diet change, giving up unhealthy habits, regular physical exercise, Kegel exercise, rest – there are numerous homemade ways to improve potency. You will find them very helpful if you use them on a daily basis.

More and more men are suffering from potency problems, which untreated may lead to long-term impotency. Moderate and regular physical exercise significantly boosts self-esteem and confidence. It also has a positive influence on the cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation within the pelvic area and cause stronger erection. There are many natural remedies for ED without the need to take prescription drugs or undergo surgical procedures. Homemade methods for potency are a good solution for those who struggle with health issues due to an unhealthy lifestyle or mental loads, and not systemic diseases or age-related changes.

What contributes to erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is becoming more associated with unhealthy lifestyle, bad dietary habits, and related weight gain. You should be aware that health and potency are negatively influenced by:

  • exposure to stress,
  • sleep disorders or sleep deprivation,
  • addictions,
  • strenuous work,
  • lack of physical exercise.

Reduced libido and low sexual performance may last for years, leading to premature ejaculation and difficulties in maintaining erection. As a result, this may develop into total impotency. However, making small changes in one’s lifestyle and introduction of homemade ways to improve erection will help you deal with the problem at an early stage. Check some tips for stronger erection.

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Homemade ways to increase potency – dietary changes

Disastrous for male sexual performance are the dietary habits of our times – fast foods, rich in fats and simple carbohydrates while poor in vitamins and minerals. It is estimated that as much as 57% of erectile dysfunction cases in men after the age of 50 are induced by atherosclerotic changes in reproductive organs caused by a diet rich in animal fats.

A diet for potency should include healthy fats, foods rich in zinc, selenium, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. In order to improve your erection at home, your daily meals should consist of wholesome libido-boosting products. The most valuable dietary components to include in your diet are:

  • avocado,
  • cocoa (stimulates the production of dopamine, which rapidly rises during an orgasm),
  • salmon (rich in Omega-3 fatty acids),
  • oyster (rich in zinc needed to produce testosterone),
  • vegetables, especially  parsley root and celery (they contain apiol, a chemical substance increasing the desire for sex),
  • fruit, especially bananas and pineapples(they contain bromelains, which positively affect erection),
  • wholegrain cereal products (bread , groats, brown rice, natural cereals),
  • spices (especially ginger and chili pepper, which boost the blood supply),
  • popcorn, preferably without salt (high in arginine, which positively affects the sperm count and the quality of semen),
  • sesame (a rich source of selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E and necessary unsaturated fatty acids).

Natural medications and supplements for erection – herbs and spices for men

How to enhance erection using homemade methods when we have already made necessary dietary changes? You can reach for natural potency medicines available in pharmacies and herbal stores. The most frequently used potency drug components include:

  • siberian ginseng root,
  • damiana leaf,
  • Brazilian juniper berries,
  • suma root,
  • willowherbs,
  • tribulus terrestris,
  • ginkgo,
  • pumpkin seeds,
  • sabal palm fruit.

It is also worth enriching your dishes with spices that are considered aphrodisiacs or improve potency, including lovage, vanilla, clove, cinnamon, garlic, dill.

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Natural ways to improve erection – physical exercise

Physical activity has a positive influence on potency. Physical exercise and strength training have many advantages, for example they:

  • strengthen the cardiovascular system,
  • boost stamina,
  • increase vitality,
  • stimulate the production of testosterone, a sex hormone directly responsible for potency, its level determines the desire for sex,
  • improve blood circulation within the pelvic area, which boosts an erection.

A psychological aspect achievable directly after strength training is also very important. A better body build boosts attractiveness, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Being more successful with the opposite sex helps us get rid of our complexes and psychological problems affecting potency. 

The key to effective dealing with erectile dysfunction is, however, good balance and moderation. It is not about excessive and exhausting physical strain in the form of training sessions lasting for several hours, which may easily lead to exhaustion and injuries. Any type of physical activity should be approached individually – exercises should not overly stress the body. The most important is to be systematic and to balance the sedentary lifestyle we have at work. You can choose from numerous types of activities, such as:

  • long walks with a dog in a forest,
  • Nordic walking,
  • martial arts,
  • skateboarding or snowboarding,
  • swimming,
  • climbing wall.

Remember that some of the strength exercises stimulate the pituitary gland to increase the production of testosterone. These include:

  • squats,
  • pull-ups with weights,
  • push-ups on handles,
  • deadlift,
  • bench press.

Additionally, lunges, flexing, bending with a weight bar, and lifting legs while hanging boost the blood circulation in the pelvic area, which directly improves the blood supply to the penis. Thus, your erection is stronger and lasts longer.

A good idea is to exercise along with your life partner – both sides will enjoy the physical and psychological benefits from the training and, in addition, will spend their spare time in an interesting way. 

Homemade way for potency – Kegel exercise

Apart from physical activity which should take at least 30 minutes a day, it is worth finding some time for the intimate Kegel exercise, which will allow you to extend a sexual intercourse and control ejaculation. The Kegel muscles are located around the pubic bone and the prostate. You can feel them when you try to stop the flow of urine during urination.

 It is those muscles that are responsible for the movement of the penis during an erection. The simplest way to exercise the Kegel muscles is its deliberate tightening and relaxing. The first effects of regular, everyday exercises should be seen already after three weeks.

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