Premature ejaculation – treatment. How to delay ejaculation?

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How to extend sexual intercourse – this question preoccupies many men struggling with premature ejaculation. More often than not, delaying ejaculation becomes a priority because this dysfunction can ruin one’s sexual life. Fortunately, sexual intercourse can be extended with various treatment methods. There are commercially available tablets to delay ejaculation. There is behavioural therapy, which involves exercises to withhold ejaculation. Psychotherapy can also be used to gain better control over ejaculation. Therefore, instead of giving in to pessimistic thoughts, better check how to extend sexual intercourse and act now.

How to extend sexual intercourse?

How to extend sexual intercourse? It depends. In general, sexual intercourse can be too short (objectively or subjectively) for several, sometimes opposing reasons. Above all, premature ejaculation needs to be mentioned here, but also problems with reaching and keeping erection can apply.

In this article, we will look into premature ejaculation. Premature means one that happens before vaginal penetration or within 2 minutes at most from the start of sexual intercourse, or a situation when the partner needs more time to achieve satisfaction, but the man is not able to control ejaculation.

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How to extend sexual intercourse – treatment methods

Many males dream of having longer sexual intercourse – up to 30 percent of men struggle with the problem of premature ejaculation. In addition, a considerable proportion experience another problem making it impossible to have continued sexual intercourse, that is erectile dysfunctions. Fortunately, they are not alone with these problems. Their goals – longer sexual intercourse, withholding ejaculation, and ejaculation control – can be achieved with treatment. How? Premature ejaculation is treated using several methods – in recent years mainly pharmacologically, but also using techniques within behavioural therapy as well as cognitive and behavioural therapy.

Tablets to delay ejaculation

Pharmacological treatment of premature ejaculation is usually based on drugs used primarily to treat depression – these mainly include drugs from the SSRI group, that is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Dapoxetine can be distinguished among them as it is marketed as a strictly sex-related drug. Dapoxetine blocks serotonin reuptake, leading to delaying ejaculation and extending sexual intercourse. Tablets to delay ejaculation containing dapoxetine have fewer undesirable effects than other serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Nevertheless, they should only be used after consulting a physician and determining the precise causes of the insufficient ejaculation control.

When it comes to pharmacology – paroxetine, fluoxetine, sertraline (SSRI drugs) and clomipramine (tricyclic antidepressant) can also be used apart from dapoxetine.

Remember that tablets to delay ejaculation work only temporarily and do not solve the ejaculation problem on the long term. More lasting effects of such a type of treatment can only be indirect by nature, e.g. when better sex, which is possible thanks to tablets to delay ejaculation, reduces fears and other emotional disorders causing the dysfunction.

How to prolong sexual intercourse using behavioural therapy

For decades, attempts have been made to delay ejaculation mainly by behavioural techniques. Such a type of therapy relies on the assumption that the dysfunction has mental background, and the treatment mainly involves working out specific desirable behaviours and reactions. In order to delay ejaculation and extend sexual intercourse, and to achieve ejaculation control, various exercises are used, out of which the start-stop method is the most popular one. The exercises are most easily performed during masturbation. They involve bringing oneself at the verge of an orgasm and ejaculation, and then interrupting masturbation to “cool down” slightly. After a while, the movements can be resumed, again interrupting them when ejaculation is near. This technique is aimed at discovering one’s body reactions and learning to control them. The start-stop method has various modifications, it can be practised during sexual intercourse as well.

Another common method for ejaculation delay and extended sexual intercourse is the pressure method, which is an improvement over the start-stop technique. It involves squeezing the glans penis right before the onset of ejaculation so that your thumb is placed on the frenulum of prepuce of penis with the remaining fingers embracing the penis. The pressure needs to be maintained for 3-4 seconds.

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Ejaculation delay – psychotherapy

In recent years, ejaculation delay is increasingly more often dealt with as part of cognitive and behavioural therapy. Such a type of treatment – a battle to extend sexual intercourse – is based on working out or modifying specific behaviours and reactions, but also on the early discovery of the emotional, mental causes of premature ejaculation. Men struggling with this dysfunction often have emotional disorders and problems in relations with other people. Premature ejaculation can be caused by the fear of failure, humiliation and embarrassment, and intimate relations. Natural fears are additionally escalated by cultural messages which make fun of the cases of erectile dysfunction, but also by excessive arousal and the lack of control over ejaculation. The aim of cognitive and behavioural therapy is reaching the sources of these fears and bringing the patient’s thoughts onto completely new tracks. This way, the man is supposed to start believing in himself again, so to speak.

During a therapy, men, whose dream is to delay ejaculation and extend sexual intercourse learn to have better control over their own body and its reactions, and use the above-mentioned techniques: the start-stop or the pressure method.

How to extend sexual intercourse – treatment methods

Unfortunately, the causes of premature ejaculation are so complex that sometimes none of the treatment methods bring any permanent effects. Of course, they can help reach temporary goals, but not always help get rid of the problem for good. In such situations, patients are usually recommended maintaining a permanent relationship with one sexual partner based on mutual bond, understanding, and willingness to learn each other’s body and their reactions to stimuli.

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