How to prevent premature ejaculation?

Added: 14-08-2019 | Update: 16-08-2019
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Only almost 10 percent of males with premature ejaculation seeks help at a doctor’s office. The problem is really serious, as their partners suffer as well. 

What usually prevents them from going to a doctor is embarrassment. However, there are no reasons to feel discomfort, as it is estimated that premature ejaculation affects as many as 4 million Polish men. Helpful in overcoming the embarrassment should not only be the awareness that they are not alone with the problem. If you and your partner struggle with the problem, it is worth making him realize that it can stem from serious somatic diseases. Premature ejaculation sometimes accompanies the inflammations of the urinary tract, hyperthyroidism, or prostate conditions. 

Physicians also remind that rarely is it a result of mental problems. The causes should more frequently be sought in neurobiological disorders or alcohol and drug abuse. Regardless of the causes of premature ejaculation, modern medicine offers measures to fight the problem effectively. How to prevent the partner from ejaculating too fast, then? What to do to enjoy long and satisfactory sex?

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How to prevent ejaculation using exercises?

Often, premature ejaculation results simply from stress. Your partner may be anxious about making good impression on you – especially at the beginning of the relationship. In such situations, it is enough to have an honest conversation with him and assure him that you do not require “superhuman” abilities from him. Being aware of that, he will find it easier to calm his nerves and your sex will soon become satisfactory for both of you.

Remember that the length of sexual intercourse rises with the age of a man. A young boy will not make love for as long a time as a mature guy, but there are ways to improve his “performance”. What will come in handy is for example... masturbation. Your partner can do it by himself, but there is nothing wrong if both of you released the tension together. It is important that it happens at least half an hour before sexual intercourse, which is a minimum time a man needs to regain the ability to reach an erection. 

How else can ejaculation be prevented? Exercises requiring cooperation between partners also can prove very effective. A good method is to interrupt sexual intercourse when a man is close to an orgasm. He should stop the penetration and you should massage his penis with your thumb around the frenulum of prepuce of penis. Another way to delay ejaculation is putting on a condom. Latex reduces the reactions to stimuli and allows a man to maintain erection for longer.

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When to go to a doctor?

Exercises will not bring expected results right away, be patient. If you notice no improvement after a month, it would be wise for your partner to make an appointment with a doctor – preferably urologist or sexologist. Suggest going together to help him overcome his embarrassment. Your presence can turn out to be particularly crucial if the doctor recommends psychotherapy, as it yields the best results when both partners participate.

It is also possible that the doctor diagnoses any of the previously mentioned diseases. Treating them might solve the problem of premature ejaculation. This embarrassing condition can also turn out to be the result of serotonin release disorders because serotonin is responsible for orgasm. Then, the doctor will probably prescribe one of the SSRI drugs, i.e. selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, for your partner. 

Act together and enjoy intimate moments!

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