Methods to treat premature ejaculation

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Sexual intercourse is an integral part of every human being’s life. Healthy sexual act contributes to extending human life, producing serotonin, and better mood. It would be a shame to cease sexual encounters due to the problem of premature ejaculation. This article will give you useful hints on how to effectively prevent such problems and enjoy great sex life. 

Origins of the problem

The problem of premature ejaculation was originally considered a psychological disorder. Practically from the very beginning when the condition was defined, it was treated using behavioural and cognitive methods. As medical advancements continued, scientists came to the conclusion that premature ejaculation can have several causes, including prostatitis. Premature ejaculation is usually classified as an organic or a neurobiological disease. This means it can be treated not only with psychological methods. The appropriate form of treatment should be chosen by a urologist or a sexologist, who you need to see immediately after you discover the problem.

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Psychology to the rescue

The already mentioned behavioural technique is a classic method of treating premature ejaculation, which was already used in the ‘50s. “Stop-start” is a method developed by Dr J. Semans and improved by two scientists – Johnson and Masters. However, men who used the method did not notice any long-term effects. The difference was only noticeable during the first several sexual encounters. This led scientists to the conclusion that it is vital that men with premature ejaculation focus on reducing excitement and arousal, which helps extend sexual intercourse.

Masturbation to deal with premature ejaculation?

The classic methods of extending sexual intercourse can also include masturbation short before a sexual encounter. This method is particularly popular among young men. In the long run, however, it does not prove very effective, as it leads to ignoring and suppressing sex drive.

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Effective pharmacology

Treating premature ejaculation is also possible with pharmacological measures. According to physicians, pharmacology is more effective than cognitive and behavioural psychology methods. The measures usually include creams and aerosols containing desensitizing formulations helping to delay ejaculation. Their action is based on two active substances – lidocaine and prilocaine. The advantages of topical drugs can include their fast action and easiness of use. Remember, however, that they are not a perfect medicine. Their application may bring no clear results and, what is more, they can cause sensory disorders of the vulva and vagina in the woman. Taking such drugs should be consulted with a doctor. Their overdose can sometimes lead to numb penis. You should not start the treatment on your own. 

Alternative method

Less invasive treatment is possible with condoms or condoms containing anaesthetics. Such a solution gives only temporary relief, which does not fully solve your problem.

Diagnosis does not end the fun!

Medical advancement all over the world made it possible to nip many medical problems in the bud using pharmacological measures or invasive methods. The problem of premature ejaculation can be solved quickly and painlessly – just forget about the embarrassment and start the right treatment. Good luck!

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