How to shift period in time – pills and homemade methods

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How to delay your period? The best solution is to visit a gynecologist, who – after thorough examination and if there are no contraindications – will prescribe hormonal contraceptive pills. The efficacy of homemade methods to delay menstruation could not be scientifically proven so far.

In the ‘60s, the development of contraceptive pills, which not only prevented unwanted pregnancy, but also regulated the female menstrual cycles, represented a real breakthrough.

Today, what is seen as a true revolution are commercially available contraceptive pills that are taken without interruption for 91 days and which reduce the number of periods within a year from twelve to only four. How does it work?

Each package consists of 84 pink tablets containing small amounts of two female hormones: levonorgestrel and ethinylestradiol, and 7 white tablets containing a small amount of the female hormone –  ethinylestradiol.

During the period of taking the drug, the woman will experience only 4 planned periods in a year (bleeding while taking the 7 white tablets). Each bleeding will last probably 3 days. Remember that at the beginning of using the drug, unplanned bleedings might occur.

Tablets to postpone menstruation are available on prescription only, as not every woman can use them. Contraindications include:

  • blood clots (thrombosis) forming in the vessels of the lower limbs, lungs (pulmonary embolus), or other organs,

  • heart failure or stroke,

  • coronary heart disease,

  • diabetes,

  • arterial hypertension,

  • high blood lipid levels,

  • blood clotting disorders, migraines (with the so-called focal neurological signs),

  • pancreatitis,

  • liver disease,

  • liver tumour, breast or genital cancer,

  • unexplained vaginal bleeding,

  • using herbal products containing St John’s wort.

If you are delaying menstruation using hormonal pills, you need to be aware that harmless but annoying undesirable effects can occur. You may suffer from nausea, headaches or breast pain. It might turn out that the bleeding occurs in the least expected moment.

Many women ask themselves a question whether it is safe to delay menstruation. In the United States, studies were conducted with pills taken for three months in a row and they demonstrated that delaying period even for six months has no adverse effects on the woman’s health, nor does it impact her further fertility.

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How to delay your period with pills?

Menstruation can also be delayed in women who use traditional contraceptive pills based on the following scheme: 21 days of treatment and a 7-day interval, during which menstruation occurs. During a vacation, wedding, or business trip, you can skip the 7-day interval and start the next package right after finishing the previous one. For how many days can period by postponed this way? For even three months if you use three contraceptive pill packages in a row.

How to delay your period with patches?

The same rule can be used to delay menstruation – use contraceptive patches without any interruption. The so-called “pack to pack” method is becoming increasingly more popular.

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OTC tablets to delay period

On Internet forums, many questions are asked with regard to OTC tablets to delay period. Women look for quick ways to change the time of their period without the need to consult a doctor. It needs to be emphasized – only contraceptive pills sold on prescription have proven efficacy in this matter. 

According to some women, vitamin C is good for delaying menstruation. They recommend taking 5000 mg of this supplement in the luteal phase. However, the method is not scientifically proven, while its popularity may stem from the fact that menstruation disorders can occur during such infections as common cold, when the use of vitamin C is recommended. Remember that too high a dose of vitamin C can have a negative impact on your health and lead to kidney stones.

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How to shift menstruation using homemade methods?

The Internet is full of various ways to shift period – mostly to make it come faster. Some women claim they managed to make their period come faster by drinking a glass of wine, taking a hot bath, working out more than usual, or by having sex.

It must be admitted that a hot bath improves blood circulation and increases blood pressure, which can cause menstruation to come several hours early, but it does not have to. The similar effect can be achieved with sauna. Remember, however, not to overdo with too high temperatures and with using bath or sauna for too long. Excessive heat can lead to fainting and induce haemorrhage. Be careful not to scald yourself with water that is too hot.

A menstruation shift can also be caused by a workout. Choose abdomen muscle workout, bends, or running (half an hour every day). Remember that, here, the more does not necessarily mean the better – too intense workout can stop menstruation whatsoever. There are a lot of women who do extreme sports and struggle with this problem.

Many women on the Internet asks also about OTC tablets to make period come faster. Unfortunately, there are no such drugs, while inducing menstruation with aspirin or drotaverine is not medically proven. Despite having blood-thinning effects, aspirin does not necessarily affect the menstrual cycle. Remember that excessive use of acetylsalicylic acid can be harmful. The case is similar with the other drug. Drotaverine demonstrates zero effects when it comes to making menstruation come faster. Drotaverine has only antispasmodic effects on smooth muscles.

Some effectiveness, however, is shown by herbs. Natural medicine points out numerous herbs that affect the length of menstruation, the amount of bleeding, and which relieve the perimenstrual symptoms. One of such herbs is black hollyhock, which has estrogenic and antispasmodic effects. Antispasmodic effects on the uterine muscles, but also diastolic effects on the blood vessels are also demonstrated by St John’s wort, common yarrow, ginger, and pot marigold.

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