Regulation of the menstrual cycle
Making period come faster – methods, pills, lutein, herbs

Holiday, wedding, business trip – there can be many reasons why women want to make their period come faster. There are just as many homemade ways to shift menstruation in time so that it does not coincide with your plans. Find out which are more and which less effective.

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Lutein for inducing period – OTC drug, side effects

Lutein is a drug in the form of pills or vaginal globules, which are prescribed by doctors to treat, among other things, absent menstruation. However, do not confuse this drug with OTC lutein, which is a dietary supplement used for preventing macular disease.

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How to shift period in time – pills and homemade methods

How to delay your period? The best solution is to visit a gynecologist, who – after thorough examination and if there are no contraindications – will prescribe hormonal contraceptive pills. The efficacy of homemade methods to delay menstruation could not be scientifically proven so far.

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How to delay period – pills, homemade methods, drugs

Four periods in a year – spring, summer, autumn, and winter – instead of bleeding every month. Is that possible? Yes, modern hormonal drugs provide such a possibility. They have been developed with women seeking effective ways to delay period in mind. How to delay menstruation?

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What to do to make period end sooner? How to stop it?

Are there any methods to stop menstruation sooner? Despite medical advancements, no such pills have been invented yet. This does not mean, however, that women are doomed to suffer the unpleasant symptoms of menstrual bleeding. See how it can be done.

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Late period – pills, methods, vitamin C, drug

Late periods are always stressful for a woman, although rarely does it stem from causes hazardous for her health. However, periods late by more than two-three weeks should be consulted with a doctor. Homemade methods to deal with late periods yield scant results, just as over-the-counter drugs. Restoring menstruation that has been absent for a long time is possible with hormonal drugs on prescription.

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How to delay menstruation for holiday? Effectively and safely

Are you planning your dream holiday but are afraid that your period will spoil it? Check how to delay menstruation for holiday to enjoy swimming and sunbathing to the fullest.

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