How to delay menstruation for holiday? Effectively and safely

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Are you planning your dream holiday but are afraid that your period will spoil it? Check how to delay menstruation for holiday to enjoy swimming and sunbathing to the fullest.

How to delay menstruation for holiday?

You are planning your dream holiday. Hotel booked, bikini perfectly matched – and then you suddenly realize that your period falls right when your holiday begins. Menstruation can effectively ruin your vacation,

particularly for those women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding and upsetting symptoms, such as stomachache, water retention, or headaches. If you expect your period during holiday, you do not have to wait idly until it comes and ruins your vacation. There are effective methods to delay menstruation which will not have negative effects on your health.  Check how to delay menstruation for holiday.

How to delay your period?

Menstrual bleeding can be delayed by several days or prevented using contraceptive pills. For women who use oral hormonal contraceptives, it is enough to change the pill dosage scheme to shift the bleeding in time. However, women who do not use the pills and want to delay their period should make an appointment with a gynaecologist. It is worth doing so at least 2-3 months before the planned vacation. Based on your detailed medical history and examination, the doctor will choose appropriate pills.

How to delay menstruation using pills so that it does not occur during holiday relaxation? It all depends on the type of pills. Monophasic combined contraceptive pills are taken for 21 days, then a week break is made, during which the so-called withdrawal bleeding occurs. If you want to shift your period in time by several days, you can just shorten the recommended break. In other words, instead of taking a 7-day break, you can reduce it to 2-3 days. This way, the next period will start 4-5 days early.

Bi- or triphasic combined contraceptive pills also can be used to shift your period, but you need to do it with a doctor’s supervision. Your gynaecologist will explain it to you in detail how it can be done.

How to stop your period?

If shifting your menstruation by several days does not solve your problem because the bleeding will occur during the vacation anyway, you can try another solution – halting your period. How to do that? If you are taking combined contraceptive pills it is very easy. Just do not take any break between the packages at all. In other words, one day you finish a package, and the next day you start taking another one.

The break is taken not until the second package is finished. This way you can delay your period by 21 days, without worrying that it will catch you off guard at the end of your vacation. For different contraceptive pills, the dosage scheme needs to be consulted with your gynaecologist. Doctors discourage from buying any period delay pills over the Internet. Except contraceptive pills, which are available on prescription only, there are no other tablets to delay menstruation safely. 

Delaying menstruation and health

Delaying menstruation using oral hormonal contraceptives is absolutely safe for your health. Remember that bleeding which occurs during the 7-day break is not actually menstruation, but the so-called withdrawal bleeding.

Withdrawal on a different day will not have a negative impact on your health and will not affect the contraception efficacy. However, remember that menstruation cannot be delayed with combined pills for too long – uninterrupted treatment lasting 3 cycles at most is permitted.

It is worth emphasizing that there are numerous hormonal birth control methods during which menstruation disappears completely. Women using progestogen-only contraceptive pills or intra uterine devices often do not bleed at all, which does not affect their health condition or fertility in any adverse manner.

What are other ways to delay period besides pills?

Women who, for various reasons, do not want to or cannot use hormonal contraception, can try to delay or make their period come faster using other methods, but you should be aware that these methods are not as effective as oral hormonal contraception. Homemade methods to shift menstruation include:

  • Hot bath

  • Sex

  • Herbal infusions, especially common yarrow or black hollyhock infusions

  • Intensive workout.

Using the above methods, you can try to speed up your period by a few or dozen or so hours, but the likelihood of succeeding is not very high.

Proponents of natural medicine recommend using high doses of vitamin C to delay menstruation, but this method is neither scientifically proven, nor is it very effective. What is more, bear in mind that vitamin C surplus can contribute to the development of kidney stones.

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