A psychodietitian is a specialist who, on the basis of an interview with the patient, learns about his or her nutrition and the dependencies associated with it, and proposes an action plan to change bad habits and introduce a healthy lifestyle, allowing for optimal weight and well-being. Consult a psychodietitian when:

  • You suffer from eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia
  • You have problems with obesity and it is psychological
  • Changing your diet and eating habits doesn't translate into results

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Online psychodietitian - questions and answers

  • What is psychodietetics?

    Psychodietetics is a science in the field of dietetics and psychology. It combines the knowledge of the human psyche and nutrition.
  • What does a psychodietitian do?

    A psychodietitian is a specialist in dietetics or psychology. He uses his knowledge to solve the problems of patients who have problems with changing their eating habits or are unable to change them for a long time. Eating disorders psychodietitian - this is the main goal of his work!
  • What is the difference between a psychodietitian and a dietician?

    A psychodietitian has knowledge not only in the field of dietetics, but also in the field of psychology. She works with people with eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia. It also supports people who have a problem with mood disorders that are related to the way they eat.
  • Is a psychodietitian a doctor?

    Psychodietetics is a field dominated mainly by dieticians and psychologists who are not doctors. Nevertheless, a psychodietitian can also be a doctor who additionally deals with psychodietetics.
  • Can a psychiatrist write a prescription?

    A dietician psychologist cannot issue prescriptions unless, in addition to being a psychodietitian, he is also a doctor.
  • Can a psychodietitian issue a medical certificate?

    A person of this specialization is usually a psychologist or nutritionist, and these professions are not authorized to issue sick leaves.
  • Online psychodietitian - will I receive a referral for tests?

    A psychodietitian does not order tests. He can only look at the results of the analyzes that have been ordered by the doctor, but he cannot make any diagnosis based on them.
  • Psychodietitian price list, or how much does a psychodietitian cost?

    A visit to a psychodietitian at costs PLN 169.99 for a 40-minute consultation. In order to develop an action plan and effectively implement it, it is best to use at least a few online meetings.
  • Psychodietician of the National Health Fund - is it possible?

    The vast majority of clinics do not have specialists in this field in their resources. A dietitian psychologist is a specialization whose services can be used privately, both stationary and online.

Doctors who will help you in the subject

  • Julia Figiel

    Julia Figiel

    Psychologist, nutritionist, psychodietitian
    Diseases treated:
    Compulsive eating syndrome, obesity (or overweight), bulimia, anorexia, emotional eating, orthorexia, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, thyroid diseases, - lipid disorders (hypercholesterolemia, dyslipidemia), hypertension.