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A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in the prevention, detection and treatment of diseases that affect a woman's genitals. The gynecologist is also responsible for pregnancy management, delivery and selection of the appropriate form of contraception.


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Private gynecologist - questions and answers

  • What does a gynecologist do?

    Who is the gynecologist? A gynecologist deals primarily with the prevention and detection of abnormalities of genital diseases in women. A gynecologist is also a specialist in pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Teleporada gynecologist at - what does it look like?

    Visiting a gynecologist online at the clinic is an opportunity to consult your ailments, pain symptoms, problems with regular menstruation, or complications when using various forms of contraception. The doctor, after reading the form and the supplementary medical history, decides on the appropriate treatment, its change or possible necessary tests. A private gynecologist at can issue an e-prescription, e-sick note or refer the patient for appropriate examinations.
  • Gynecologist prescription online - is it possible?

    Of course! A document such as an erescription can be issued by a gynecologist at on the basis of a form and information obtained from the patient. If treatment is needed, a change in the form of contraception, you will certainly receive specialist help and be prescribed appropriate medications.
  • What blood tests does a gynecologist order?

    The online and stationary gynecologist can order the following blood tests: complete blood count, hormone levels in the blood, blood sugar levels, liver enzymes.
  • What questions does a gynecologist ask?

    Regardless of the form of the visit, whether it takes place in the office or the gynecologist contacts us online, one of the first questions the gynecologist asks is the date of the last menstruation to determine the current day of the cycle. Then, in turn, he precisely determines the issues of intercourse, contraception and health problems that may be reflected in the diagnosis. Gynecology is also based on health problems occurring in the immediate family, especially among women.
  • How much does a visit to a gynecologist cost?

    The cost of a visit to a gynecologist is very diverse and often depends on additional tests performed during the consultation. If you are wondering how much a visit to a gynecologist costs, you have to prepare for a large price range, which is between PLN 150 and PLN 350. An online gynecologist is a much cheaper solution and when palpation is not necessary, it is certainly the best solution. ​​​​Gynecologist privately, during a teleconsultation at, the cost is PLN 139.99.
  • Gynecologist - is a referral needed?

    A gynecologist is a specialist who does not need a referral. Unfortunately, therefore, the gynecologist of the National Health Fund is synonymous with a very long wait for an appointment. By choosing the service - online gynecologist, the consultation can take place even on the same day!
  • Visiting a gynecologist - how long do you wait for an appointment?

    The NFZ gynecologist is able to make reservations several weeks in advance. Sometimes you have to wait for a visit to a really good specialist even for months, which in the case of women's ailments is unacceptable. Some clinics have additionally launched telephone contact. The teleconsultation of the NFZ gynecologist is characterized by a slightly shorter waiting time, unfortunately it is still much longer than privately. An online gynecologist is a teleconsultation on the same day, possibly on the next working day!
  • What characterizes an online gynecological clinic? gynecological clinic is a possibility of quick consultation. An online gynecologist during a telephone or video conference discusses with us the problem that we previously indicated on the form. After a thorough discussion of the situation, he/she decides on treatment, change of contraceptives or gives appropriate referral for tests. The online gynecologist can also issue a waiver if deemed appropriate. Our specialists will answer all your questions!