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An allergist is an allergy doctor who specializes in allergic diseases and in the treatment of asthma. Contact our online allergy clinic when:

  • you suspect you have an allergy
  • you want to change your allergy medication
  • you have developed new, additional symptoms

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Allergist doctor - questions and answers

  • Who is an allergist, or what does an allergist do?

    An allergist is a specialist who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of allergies caused by various types of allergens. If you notice other symptoms, not only skin changes, but also cough, diarrhea or runny nose, there is a high probability that there is an allergy that should be dealt with by a specialist. What's more, allergology as a specialty also focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of asthma. If you are struggling with various types of allergic reactions, be sure to check and try our online allergy clinic Dimedi.eu. An online allergist will help you get quick help. Remember that a visit to an allergist should take place soon after you notice symptoms of contact, inhalant or food allergies.
  • Do I need a referral to an allergist?

    If you want to use the help offered by an allergist on the National Health Fund, a referral is necessary. To get a referral to an allergist, you must make an appointment with your GP. Importantly, if you care about time and want to start treatment quickly, an allergist will help you privately, preferably online.
  • Visiting an allergist - how long do you wait for an appointment?

    Allergology is a very besieged specialty by patients. Referral to an allergist is just the beginning of the road. Every good allergist on the National Health Fund has very long waiting times for an appointment. When you manage to get a referral from a family doctor, the next step is an allergology clinic for adults of the National Health Fund. An allergist for adults means even several weeks of waiting for the first visit. Interestingly, the allergology clinic for children of the National Health Fund also offers very distant dates. Very often, the first visit to an allergist is just an interview and a referral for allergy tests. If we are to perform allergy tests, the National Health Fund offers another wait in a queue lasting several weeks. The solution to this situation is simple. A private allergist is a much faster visit and treatment, and an online allergist also saves time and money!
  • Allergist without referral - how to use?

    It's easy! An allergist privately accepts anyone who has problems and symptoms of skin, inhalant or food allergies. During a telephone or video conference, an online allergist doctor interviews the patient and selects appropriate treatment methods. Our online allergy clinic means no queues, no long waits and no worries. The Dimedic.eu allergy clinic guarantees help when you need it.
  • How much does it cost to see an allergist?

    An online allergist at Dimedic.eu costs PLN 119.99 per visit. What is important, an allergist privately can cost up to PLN 250 for a consultation lasting several minutes in the office. An allergist and the Dimedic.eu online allergy clinic mean a much lower cost of consultation and, most importantly, quick help without long waiting times for an appointment. Thanks to this, online consultation is an additional huge time saver.
  • Online allergologist - what does an allergological consultation look like?

    A good online allergist begins the consultation with his patient with an extensive interview about the causes and symptoms as well as the circumstances of their occurrence. The allergist will also verify the diseases and medications that his new ward is taking. If necessary, he will also ask you to show changes and eruptions during the video advice and specify whether the changes occur periodically or continuously. When the patient has allergy tests, he will also ask for them. The same applies if blood allergy tests or skin allergy tests have been performed.
  • What does an online allergy test include?

    An online allergological consultation is no different from what an in-patient allergy clinic offers. The allergy doctor in both cases begins his work with a detailed interview. If necessary, he also carefully observes changes on the body. The on-site allergist performs palpation of changes, and the online allergist carefully looks at the changes that the patient indicates during the videoconference. Importantly, if the patient has allergy tests, they are also implemented in diagnostics.
  • What characterizes an online allergy clinic?

    Dimedic.eu allergy clinic is a very good allergist privately for everyone! You do not have to worry about whether you have a referral to an allergist. As soon as the first symptoms appear, treatment can begin. Just choose a convenient date, decide which online allergist will be right for us and start the diagnosis and treatment process. Allergist without a referral, waiting for a visit and diagnostics only in our clinic!

Doctors who will help you in the subject

  • Dr Ewa Zielińska

    Dr Ewa Zielińska

    Allergist, internal medicine specialist
    Diseases treated:
    Allergy, Respiratory allergy, Food allergy, Skin allergies, Atopic dermatitis, Asthma, Bronchial asthma, Drug allergy, Eczema, Urticaria, Venom allergy
    Profession number: 7760075