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about the koroniawirus.dimedic.pl project
About the project
Koronawirus.dimedic.pl is a telemedicine clinic registered in Poland. It was created to help patients and support the health care system during the growing epidemic of coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2).

Dimedic.eu is a partner of the project. We combined our technology and experience gathered in a British clinic with the knowledge and empathy of Polish doctors. We know that time is difficult, so we want to help as many patients as possible. Without leaving home.

Thanks to the medical consultation at the Dimedic.PL clinic you can quickly check whether the ailments you are experiencing can be symptoms of coronavirus infection. Just complete the medical questionnaire and inform your doctor about your health. After analyzing the interview, the doctor will make a diagnosis. You will receive quick help and learn what to do if you are at risk. If necessary, the doctor will issue an e-prescription, e-release or e-referral to a specialist for you. Dimedic.pl patients also receive a health monitoring service. After a few days, a medical questionnaire is sent to your e-mail address to be filled out again.

The services of dimedic.pl clinic can be used by any adult person - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Together, we help fight coronavirus.